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Berner ft. Rick Ross & B-Real – Candy MP3 + LYRICS

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Two of hip-bounce’s greatest stoners, Berner and B-Real, have tapped Rick Ross for a smoking meeting on “Candy.”

While a portion of the more squarish enemy of weed promoters may refer to reduced profitability as a negative reaction, Berner and B-Real should stand as living proof repudiating such allegations. The pair of loveable stoners have been nothing shy of productive all through their particular professions, with the previous having fabricated a domain of the legitimate cannabis business. B-Real, whose Cypress Hill index justifies itself, has kept his lungs occupied on his Smokebox arrangement. Now, Berner and B have connected up for a smooth new track called “Candy,” welcoming Rick Ross to the smoking meeting.

Set to show up on Berner and B-Real‘s communitarian Los Meros album, which drops on 4/20 clearly, “Candy” opens with the loosening up culls of a guitar. “It’s difficult to remain calm, I’m burst,” proclaims Berner, in his initial stanza. “Been paid, screw the lowest pay permitted by law.” B-Real slides through straightaway, his stream still sharp as he paints a striking, if not a little weed-hazed, picture. “So lovely, Xzibit the unpolished and hit it,” he raps. “Got the studio lit; it’s nothin’ how we did it.” Though he probably won’t be as substantial a smoker as his collaborators, Rick Ross familiarizes himself well nearby them, including a touch of supervisor like gravitas with his end comments.

In the month where consistently is technically 4/20, what preferable approach to celebrate over a smoker’s anthem from Berner and B-Real? Search for Los Meros to drop in half a month.

Quotable Lyrics;

Step out the jacuzzi in Versace robe

Waiting for two hundred pounds that I got on the road

I would put it on a plane, if not I would have drove

Only n***a in the south smoking on West Coast


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