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DOWNLOAD MP3: Future ft Meek Mill & Doe Boy – 100 Shooters + LYRICS

Future 100 shooters mp3 download

Future and Meek Mill are going on their Legendary Nights visit starting Aug. 28 in St. Louis, so it bodes well to drop new music leading ready. YG, Mustard and Houston’s buzzing unique ability Megan Thee Stallion will be supporting follows up on the trek with the two stars.

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The two rappers join powers on another song ‘100 Shooters‘ tonight and you can figure that it’s a road song and a not adore one. Assisting the two is Future’s Freebandz endorser Doe Boy who contributes with a stanza toward the end. “Got a 100 shooters sittin’ outside, Got a 100 shooters sittin’ outside,” Future brags on the theme of the snare instrumental. Tune in underneath.


100 Shooters Lyrics

Intro]Tay Keith fuck these niggas up
Yeah, The Wizzard, woo

[Pre-Chorus: Future][?], no tap water, this the real face
Fuck the bitch, broke her heart
She think we still a thing
Three choppers sit in car, we playin’ real safe
Fifty millions dollars in cash, that’s a cold case
Spent so much cash on Channel, they wanna see ID
Bust down on her, Oochie Wally, I’m so Sin City

[Chorus: Future, Future & Meek Mill]Got a 100 shooters sittin’ outside
Got a 100 shooters sittin’ outside

[Verse 2: Meek Mill]Yeah, uh, 50 mill’ buried up in my safe, that’s a graveyard
Fucked the bitch, seen her with her man, had to play it off
DreamChasers with just like a label, we got A&Rs
Fame or some, she threw me that pussy and I’ma slay her raw
Yeah, you are now welcome to the Player’s Ball (You’re welcome)
Whole lotta money lottery shit, yeah (Wow, wow)
Hundred shooters, I can get your clique hit (Wow, wow)
Get my dick suck in the Lambo while I spit shit
Big shit, baby, it’s the big fish, only VVS in my necklace and my wrist lit
I could wipe my ass with these hunnids, I’m the shit bitch
Shot up in her DM like James Harden, it went swish, swish
I’m sippin’

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