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Patron lemonade

Patron & Lemonade Ye Ali mp3 Download

Ye Ali went hard on this crisp dope new beating hymn portrayed “Patron and Lemonade” you know it’s dependably a hymn when you download great mp3 songs on HipXup.



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Patron & Lemonade Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Look, I got the keys, we should leave
Serious question, how you fit that in them jeans?
Hah, girl, that’s hard to believe, but anyway
We should bounce, this ain’t my scene
Yeah, you look like something out a dream
Head to toe, and everything in between
How about I buy you some rounds tonight?
How about we go do somethin’ else you like?
She said a couple more shots till you get me naked
And I said

A couple more shots ’til a nigga faded (Faded off your love)
Pick you up right now, why you got me waiting? (I think I caught a buzz)
Every time we link up, it’s a celebration (Baby, let’s turn up)
Patrón and lemonade, you can barely taste it (That’s what’s in my cup)
Patrón and lemonade, you can barely taste it (That’s what’s in my cup)
Patrón and lemonade, you can barely taste it (That’s what’s in my)

[Verse 2]
Skin like chocolate, hips like butter
Put you in a pan, cook you up, eat you proper
Pre-heat the oven, proceed to touching
You can bring your girl in the room if you love me
Condo in the Hills, bank account overseas
Bend you over backwards, make your head touch your knees
Crystal popping, mami on the East Coast
We can do a brunch ting, mine over French toast
To be honest you look pretty when you pissed off
Bed look warm, heart cold, and your lips soft
The loving good, I might write you a song
Then I’ma pour us up some lemonade and Patrón

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