Goin dummi

Future – Goin Dummi MUSIC + VIDEO + LYRICS

Future drops “Goin Dummi” video, a record delivered by Wheezy from his Future Hndrxx Presents The WIZRD album.



In this track Future is considering his prosperity and luxuriating in all the prizes that accompany it (in particular medications and young ladies) yet cautioning himself from getting to be caught in the way of life and keeping his resistance facing his opps and lady who may not have the right to be with him (however will in any case demonstrate to them how he balls)

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Goin Dummi Video

Goin Dummi Lyrics

It’s okay, ‘kay (Wheezy, Pluto)
Yeah, baby ain’t play, play
Last name Hndrxx whatever I do
(Wheezy outta here)

Woo, everything we do, we goin’ dummy (Woo)
Whatever I do, I hope I got that Tommy (Hrrr)
Just in case a nigga try to play, play, play (Just in case)
Yeah, every watch I own on tsunami (Brrr)
Chain on frost, ask Sonny (Go ask)
Tryna pose a threat, go at your mommy
It’s okay, ‘kay (Okay)

[Verse 1]
Intercontineezy, got a spaceship parked
Fine Europeans look good in the dark (Fine)
Meet me in the jacuzzi, girl, we made it (We made it)
Christian Dior already slated
Yeah, you try to leave me, downgradin’ (Downgrade)
I can’t save you from the apes out the cages (Out the cages)
Phone book in my jeans like pages (Freebandz)
This money I crave, it is so contagious
Sometimes get caught up in that mission, don’t get caught inside the loop
V.I.P. with raw fishes, I’ma show ya what it do
We get splashy, we get Percs for no reason
Got some tall, wet blondie at Four Seasons (Yee)

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