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Music + Lyrics: Boogie ft. Eminem – Rainy Days

Boogie Rainy Days

Boogie discharges his most foreseen venture ‘Everything’s For Sale’, Off the undertaking is a track titled ‘Rainy Days‘ including Eminem.

The rapper took to Instagram to share a genuine message. “Y’all know how long I cried over this? Too many men all them evenings in the studio where it felt like I was getting no place,” composes Boogie. “I detest venting this way however brother I’m so glad for myself and the general population around me so screw it .if u got a fantasy KEEP GOING N***z.”

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Rainy Days Lyrics

[Intro: Boogie]Nigga, I wear fur coats in the summer, nigga
Wife beaters in the winter, damn
Uh, shit

[Chorus: Boogie]I’ve been thuggin’ through my rainy days for days (Uh)
I ain’t really tryna hang today, today (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
I need changes in a major way (Yeah, yeah, yeah), a way (Uh)
I just pray I never fade away, away

[Verse 1: Boogie]Yo, yo, aw, man
Yo, word to the titles
So word to my idols and word to the goats (Uh)
I ain’t sayin’ I like ’em
I’d kill all them niggas and wear ’em as coats (Uh)
Word to the feelings I channel
I lose ’em as quick as a fuckin’ remote (Uh)
Don’t be callin’ me woke (No)
I cheat on my queen for a ho
That’s how shit go, she keep sayin’ we jell (Ayy)
She gon’ come out her shell (Woah)
Ain’t no pushin’ my buttons
When all of my feelings is stuck on “oh, well” (Yeah)
Bitch, I’m thirsty and blessed (Ayy)
I pour liquor in grails (Woah)
This for my niggas in jail, wrestlin’ L’s (Uh)
That’s that hell in the cell
I come from a place where the shit can get shady
My chances were slim (Ayy)
All my women was basic
We see different races since signing to Em (Yeah)
I can’t send out no message to none of my exes
And bitches as friends (Ayy)
I can’t blow it again
Need a bitch that’s as thick as my skin, shit ’cause

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