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Rah Swish – Talk With The Woos Intro MP3 + Lyrics

Rah Swish just dropped another tune named Feel Like Pop after a long break from the music business. This melody is correct accessible on for your quick download

Download And Enjoy Below

Download Rah Swish – Talk With The Woos Intro MP3

Rah Swish – Talk With The Woos Intro Lyrics

Yo, when I get back, when I get back to the towns
Get up, we gon’ get back, y’all
Got a surprise, me and Rah Swish ’bout to do another track, you heard?
That’s gon’ be on Meet the Woo part two
All me
You not— You not even in tune
You not even ‘posed to tell ’em that, you not even ‘posed to tell ’em that, I thought that—
Nah, we tellin’ ’em right now, it’s special right now
Rah Swish, you heard?
Meet the Woo volume two, you heard?
Better answer that
You know how the Woos do
Streets be in a frenzy after that
That’s a fact, yo, homie, yo
Stay off 50, homie, I love you, bro, stay safe
Always, love you too, brodie, heavy
Hol’ up
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