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Rick Ross ft. Meek Mill – Maybach Drip MP3 + LYRICS

Rick Ross ft. Meek Mill – Maybach Drip

Rick Ross bob back with another tune which is titled “Maybach Drip” including Meek Mill.

Tune in and download Maybach Drip by Rick Ross underneath


Maybach Drip Lyrics

[Intro: Meek Mill Lil Juice]
Eastside to the westside shit
You already know how we came
(Maybach Music)
Tay Keith, fuck these niggas up!

[Verse 1: Meek Mill]
My young nigga, he low, ain’t got no Instagram
But he do them wackies for the fifty bands
Fear nothing, rare rum and that’s on any man
We like dope boy, we gon’ smoke boy, out that minivan (Woah)
Rocking Off-White on my off-night
Niggas swing a punch, it be a lost life
Told my dawg to put that tech up, that don’t spark right
Money dancing at the clip, boy this a boss life
When I be on the West, I know some real Crips
Going platinum with them choppas, making real hits
I done lost so many homies, I can’t feel shit
So I been jumping out that chopper like I’m Will Smith
Her ass fake but she a real bitch
Suck me super good and she ain’t hard to deal with
And she don’t post me either, she be on some chill shit
And she know if she fuck a lame, I cut her real quick

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