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Wale – Daylight MP3 + LYRICS

American rapper of Nigerian plunge, Wale has quite recently discharged a sweltering summer joint titled: Daylight.

Ridge drops bars after bars on the banger. “I am the superego that lowered these vultures, I’m eager, I’m engaged,” he declares.

Tune in underneath;

Wale – Daylight


Daylight Lyrics

[Chorus]Yo’, summer is approaching
I am the Super Eagle that humble these vultures
I’m hungry, I’m focused
I’m troubled, I’m introverted
I’m nothing you know of
I’m sure your women gon’ eat ’cause she come to my vocals

[Verse]I’m coming, reloaded
Dead carcasses still the target
We keep sparkling, ’til there is nothing to sew up
Hol’ up, mhm
I’m about to intervene
Why worry ’bout who cappin’ when I got the guillotine?
And I run this shit like Haskins, was squeezing it through a seam
Ain’t readin’ a fuckin’ playbook, these haters get magazines
How it seems ain’t how it is, so fuck perceptions
I’ve come to grips that you niggas slipped on my recent efforts
I cause a bedlam on beats, embarrass these people that pretend
If life’s a bitch pray my bitches inches is Lisa Leslie
What you impressed with I find depressing
No really, I’m ’bout to finish this Valium prescription
These niggas using anxiety for an aesthetic
While I struggle in some environments after I settle
Switchin’, mhm
Nigga been vicious with that mic though
Built the enterprise so niggas drive from what I run
I know, I’m psycho, but damn sure I’m tight though
And I stand for this love shit, so my skins got rights, ho, uh
My album finished, I’m just out here playin’
All this aranging, OC vocals, got me OCDing
Your engineer gon’ mix my vocals in a mausoleum
And tell Mr. Martin it’s a fucking body under there

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