Wale – Gemini (2 Sides) MP3 + LYRICS

The rib is equipping to discharge something, and all signs point to a task of sorts. The rested on lyricist has been keeping reliable generally, however, it’s been a couple of years since his latest studio album Shine was discharged. In any case, his EPs have been enough to keep us satisfied, and the loosies have fortunately been showing up at a progressively constant rate, including a week ago’s “Light.” Today, he’s offsetting the old-school bars with one for the women, in which he sets out some challenging game like a palm-perusing get craftsman.



Wale’s quiet demeanor shields him from staggering in this undertaking, notwithstanding when his Virgo self absurdly approaches a Gemini during a mercury-rich night. However, the fun-loving obstruction is all piece of the experience for Wale, who allows himself to get a little mischevious in his enticement.

“I genuinely care how you convey your heart,” he reminds his baffling woman love, adulating her for her knowledge and immediacy. Who says gallantry is dead? Keep a post for that new Wale joint, if and when he chooses to release it upon the world.

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Gemini Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Something out of a fairytale
The fairest of them all but you’re scary still
What I’ve never seen before is this composure you possess
Poised gettin’ coins but you know that you’re the shit
Though you always on the fence with me
Gemini women they switch up the vibe with ya
Don’t try holdin’ her hand she probably hi-five a nigga
Tried to figure you out but you’re kinda tricky
Ironic you like attention but hide your feelings
Hi, I’m a Virgo with trust issues
And I, think that mercury is fuckin’ with you
And I, think that purposely flirtin’ with ya isn’t working
I’m searchin’ to find your person you just hurtin’ my pride
My Gemini, now is you mine, or a mirage?
A Gemini is the only sign with double sides
So if she give it to me now we’ll be a menage

One queen, two sides, one me, woosah yeah
Whole time, you a whole vibe, we can both shine, Gemini, yeah
One queen, two sides, one me, woosah yeah
Whole time, you a whole vibe, we can both shine, my Gemini, aye

[Verse 2]
Hide all you fears and smile at all of your friends
Suppress whatever troubles you because you bothered with theirs
I guess some other time I can try and make it legit
But I am chasing a twin that would rather chase a career
It’s love, I respect you it was just can’t accept what you say
When you don’t say what you does
And I ain’t sayin’ nor do I care who was there when I’m not
I’m just sayin’ I truly care how you carry your heart
Shine baby you are spontaneous, smart
Easily get bored frequent change is the bomb
My emotional nomad, of course she be going bad
So why would I toe-to-toe if I know it’s a toe tag
Just know that horoscopes is horror scenes to me
Believe what you seein’ is bound to be in your dreams
My social butterfly she don’t empathize for the weak
If she and I one of two I must humble the one of three

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